Abortion is a serious and final choice in a pregnancy. Although sometimes it may appear easier, it is important to understand that it is not a solution to the problems that are making this pregnancy a crisis in your experience.


For more information about abortion and the other options you have...


We are able to help you understand the procedure and discuss the hurdles that make abortion feel like your only choice.

If this is a path you have already chosen, there may be other problems developing. You may be struggling with guilt, sleep disturbances, depression, intruding thoughts, feelings of despair, and/or thoughts to harm yourself.

We are here to help, with after abortion care available to you, free of charge. We have a post-abortion treatment that runs for eight weeks.

Call in to register...905-720-3252 or 905-619-9878.

we can help

Talking about abortion and healing post abortion is an important task for our local churches. Here is a start point for this conversation as presented at the dinner.

Healing Conversations

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