WONDERFULLY MADE is designed for students in grades 4-8 and is designed to teach students some basic facts about fetal development.    
This program is
and uplifting!

Our first step is to start by taking this presentation to churches and Christian schools and then, God willing, to the public schools.  We would appreciate your prayers as we pilot this presentation. Maria would love to tell you about it

 If you are interested in partnering with our pilot we would love to present this to your kids or Jr. High mid-week program. Please contact us to schedule a time.   


We are in need of a few specific items for clients at both our sites: 
formula, baby food, cereal, size 5 diapers

Do you like to garden? We have need of someone at the Oshawa site that has a Green thumb and would be willing to look after our garden for a few hours each month. Gardening once monthly. Call us at 905-720-3252

To donate online, use the button below for CanadaHelps or an etransfer can be made to phcfinances@worldline.ca




Please include me on your biweekly prayer letter by emailing a request to phcentre@durham.net


As of April 12, 2024, Sue Sokol will no longer be Director of Operations at our Oshawa site. She has an opportunity for full-time employment in Hamilton at another pregnancy care centre. 

Sue arrived in 2007 as our Oshawa Director and Mentor Coordinator. Over the years, she has overseen our Oshawa volunteers, held many babies, loved and prayed for our client families, supported our work and Mc’ed our dinners. Our blessings and hopes go with you Sue.

We will be posting the position on our website in the next few weeks. If you know someone who would be interested, they can contact us in the meantime and we will be able to share that info.

Please remember us in your will and trusts



When was the last time you made it to our Parliament Buildings in Ottawa? 


Last year, we spent a couple of days there with the March for Life. There were lots of people. They came with a single purpose-to share a passion for the protection of life. Some people may consider this political theatre. In fact, it felt more like a celebration to me with people who remained steadfast in their hope and prayers that we will see change in our lifetimes. It was very inspiring! We followed a merry band of young fathers pushing their strollers through the streets of Ottawa. Although there were a few protestors and naysayers on sidewalks, it was joyous and peaceful and memorable with singing and prayerful reverence.


Thursday May 9 of this year there will be another March for Life. The theme this year is I will never forget you based on Isaiah 49: 15-16. We are planning to send up a bus. We will have in total 56 seats available in a coach at a cost of $20 per seat - to encourage youth and family participation. This does not cover our costs for the bus ($60 per seat really), so if you would like to contribute towards this endeavour, that would be awesome. 


It is our hope that your participation will become inspiration for the work that we do. We are life-lovers. We welcome babies and we encourage parents in whatever way possible. To secure a seat on the bus (first come, first served) or to find out more, contact us at phcentre@durham.net . We would love to have you join us.

                       Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Prov 31:8 NIV


Kathy Michel, MA
Exec Dir

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