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March Break
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Please remember us in your will and trusts

 We are happy to announce that Aileen Glover will be taking a third parental leave to welcome her third and fourth children to the family. Given the circumstances, we will be waiting to hire until we see what happens with the BOLD program in 2021.

CHOICE42 is coming out from under the PHC umbrella and will be operating independently as a not for profit. We pray God’s blessings on their work as our partnership comes to its scheduled end.

Please pray for the young people who are calling in who are frightened in the current circumstances to have a baby. Pray for our volunteers and staff who are encouraging them. 

Wow! What a year! We closed for March Break and have not been able to resume our drop-in yet. We are still working, but have rearranged our processes during the pandemic. 

As you may know, we can get quite busy at our sites with people dropping in with their kids and friends and family. Being able to operate the drop-in safely in our space requirements and compliant with the Durham Public Health requirements is virtually impossible. 

Initially we were able to resume with porch pickup and have been able to open up to clients to access our help directly on an individual basis through appointments only.

We have had to reduce the number of volunteers we have working as we need to keep our numbers down on the sites. So it is not like pre-pandemic times. 

What have we noticed? We are getting a lot of calls requesting abortion. We do not advocate for abortion or recommend it, but people google us and the calls come. People are afraid. Although we have always seen this at the Centre, it is especially pronounced right now. 

We have continued to experience the support of our pray-ers. Our prayer letter goes out biweekly through email. Our clients are struggling with unemployment, poor health, relationship problems and a whole lot of fear. The confidence of your prayers is one of the things we can assure our clients of in these difficult times. 

In all of this, we have decided to close our Bowmanville site as we need to reposition for the future. We did not see the client flow that we were hoping for at this site. We are anticipating a staffing change (a parental leave) and it is difficult to hire in the absence of our school program this year. Although we have had requests to provide an online version of our

Bold program, we feel this will undermine it’s interactive and engaging nature.

It has been challenging for the staff and for our volunteers. We would appreciate it if you could remember them in your prayers as we do want to share God’s love in a frightened world (I John 4:18 - perfect love casts out fear).

As another impact, we have had to cancel our Friends of the PHC dinner. This is our annual fundraiser where we join together to eat a great meal, hear about the status of the ministry, and learn about relevant issues to the PHC. We don't engage in a lot of fundraising and we are so thankful for those people who have chosen to support us regularly.

Your commitment to the ministry has allowed us to keep going through all of these changes. 

For a while, our donations of supplies were restricted as we were unable to distribute soft goods safely. As such, we weren’t taking any donations initially However, since we have opened up our sites, we are receiving donations again.

Christmas is coming and we do want to bless our clients regardless of what’s happening.. We will need your help to do that. Our response and plans will depend on your response.

So that is our update. We are receiving calls daily and we continue to keep helping and loving as much as possible. We know that this to will come to an end, but until then, thank you for standing with us.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kathy Michel, MA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Exec Dir



These are interesting days. After 17 years in Durham High Schools, we have been unable to return into the classroom to deliver our interactive program. 

What has been happening in Ontario with regards to sexual infections during the pandemic?
         The most recent Ontario data indicates a host of infections typically spread through sexual contact have dropped sharply compared with the same time last year. Reported chlamydia cases fell 50 per cent between March and June compared to the same months in 2019. Gonorrhea fell 40 per cent, while syphilis (which had seen a recent surge) and HIV fell more than 30 per cent. (Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press, published Friday, Sept 18, 2020)

How has the pandemic impacted pregnancy and pregnancy decisions?
    An editorial about the expected fertility impacts of the crisis published in the journal Science recently said that, "given the irreversible nature of childbearing and the substantial costs associated with child-rearing, unemployment and lost income will necessarily reduce fertility (number of births - KM)
    Anecdotally, we have had a lot of calls from individuals looking for abortion services. They are worried about having a baby right now, given their uncertainty about the future. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is coming and we are starting to make plans. Aileen Glover will be spearheading the effort this year and she can be reached at 905-619-9878 or 

If you or your church would like to participate with us in bringing Christmas to about 100 families in Durham, we would love to hear from you. Aileen will be contacting some of the churches who have assisted us in the past, but if you don’t hear from her, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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